Our facility accommodates you with 3 types of storage:

  1. Indoor: Our most popular option that allows your vehicle to be stored in a fully enclosed garage with a maintained temperature of 40°F in the winter months to ensure that your vehicle will not need winterization and 20 amp hook ups to trickle charge batteries.

  2. Covered: Your vehicle will be parked underneath a canopy to protect it from harmful sun-rays and other harsh weather conditions.

  3. Outdoor: Your vehicle will be placed in a convenient spot at our facility without any coverage. Best for our guests that don't plan to stay long.


We want you to have everything you need in one place. Our facility offers an on-site dump station, water hookup, and 20 amp electrical outlets to trickle charge your batteries. 


Let us help you maintain your vehicle

Ensure your vehicle is ready for adventure whenever you are. Our mechanics can fully service your vehicle. The full service includes:

  • Oil Change

  • Inspect air filter

  • Check tire pressure

  • Flush and fill all fluids

  • Ensure all lights and signals are operating properly

  • Grease and inspect U-Joints

  • Check and maintain batteries

  • Inspect belts and hoses for wear

  • Check wiper blades

Our skilled mechanics can help you with a variety of other services as well. Ask our staff how we can better assist you with your needs.


Are you needing to be picked-up or dropped-off?

One of our friendly staff members can transport you to your desired location from our facility or pick you up to come get your vehicle. Please schedule these services in advance with our staff.


Your vehicle’s safety is our biggest priority!

Our property is equipped with 24/7 surveillance including a fully integrated alarm system and 360° bubble cameras to ensure your vehicle is in the best hands while you are away.